In Sarrabus the dishes reflect the local peasant culture.

You can not help but taste some delicacies. ‘Su civraxiu’ made bread still in wood ovens in which excels the use of bran. ‘Su Coccoi’ enriched breads of meticulous workmanship that only patients experienced hands can accomplish. ‘Sa panada’ we can define it as a delicious bread filled with vegetables and its variant ‘sa prazzida’ is a bread with small onions in a thin layer. The thin sheet of crisp bread is instead called ‘on pistoccu’ and you can taste either dry or moistened in water.


Between the first dishes excel “malloreddus” (semolina) pasta usually prepared with meat sauce or sausage, “ravioli” (stuffed pasta) with ricotta cheese or potatoes and ‘sa fregula’ (tiny balls obtained twirling fingertips within a large pot of terracotta with semolina and water) then topped with meat sauce or even more often with seafood.

Between second dishes the roasted meat on a spit (lamb, goat, pork) and local grilled fish (sea bream, sea bass, mullet) stand out.

Also cheeses are delicious. You can taste them just raw or roasted, mostly produced from sheep and goat milk. Try pairing with honey. The area of Villaputzu is famous for a rich production of quality honey of arbutus, asphodel, eucalyptus, citrus, milk thistle, chestnut and millefiori. Also often found on the typical sweets, such as “seadas” (sweet cheese filling, fried, then sprinkled with honey or sugar).


Each meal is made even more enjoyable if accompanied by a good glass of wine. Sarrabus is also renowned for the production of Cannonau, among the spirits you must taste the “Mirto” (liqueur produced by maceration of myrtle berries) and citrus liqueurs of which the area is rich.


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