As everyone knows, Sardinia is an island linked to its traditions and know them is part of our personal journey to an unforgettable holiday!

Villaputzu is especially famous for its launeddas. They are hand-made instruments according to ancient traditions that require high capacity craft workers. Today few are the artists who are dedicated to the implementation of these instruments by the unmistakable sound: the carving is done only after a period of maturation which undergo the reeds that give life to wind instruments policalamo and reed swing. To play the launeddas, a large breathing capacity is needed with the technique of circular breathing continues.

But what strikes the multitude of our visitors in the festivities is the presence of the original local costumes, that the Sardinians also wear today for celebrations …


Local handicraft stands, however, even for an ancient art which is traditional basket weaving: these original artifacts are made with skill and patience, using the typical essences of the Mediterranean: willow, wild olive, myrtle and cane. The technique is to weave the warp and weft.


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