We are happy to publish Paolo’s beautiful article about our beach … finally clean!

I introduce myself, I am a professional journalist and a camper owner for passion, this year I discovered with pleasure Bellavista camper park. I did not arrive here by chance, but pushed by the great reviews of who had been here before. Yet they all talk about the courtesy of the staff , about the peace that reigns in the park, or the typical local dinners and the many services available, but no one writes about the beach overlooking Bellavista.

I wondered why?

Today I have been to the beach, one of the largest in Sardinia, surrounded by a lush nature, thanks to Flumendosa River, which flows here just a few steps and enriches the landscape of strong colors. I walked in crystal clear water, whose bottom softly decreases, watching small fish swimming without fear among my legs. In short, it may not have the white sand of the Caribbean, but it’s a lovely place indeed!

Then, perplexed, I asked the managers some explanation and I found the reason of so much reticence: the numerous storms during last winter, the swollen river and the absence of long Mistral blowing during last spring had left in the beach poseidonia (algae) and broken canes and someone did not like it. But nature has to do its course and some rake pass gave good results because I found it a nice beach, comfortable and unpacked. Here some today shots that can confirm it!

Paolo F.


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