Slipping on the surface of waters, exploring bays, caves, rivers, in the peace of unspoiled nature … kayaking is the best way to fall in love with Sardinia.

Some people use it to meditate and others practice it as a sport. But kayaking, the canoe is very ancient, remains one of the most fascinating activities to establish an intimate and personal contact with a generous and wild nature.

The cost of the excursion includes the guidance of a qualified instructor, formed in F.I.C.K. (Italian Canoe Kayak Federation); the laminated paper of the journey (one every 4 booked); sea kayak (single or two-seater models with watertight compartments); paddle; splash guard chosen from neoprene and nylon; bags and sealed cans; a windbreaker in case of special weather conditions; tends to be maximum 2 places for multi-day tours.

65 are the routes in Sardinia, for beginners and not, lovers of the sea, clubs and associations. The trips may have lasting from mid-day to a ‘whole day or even several days. Details and even more striking are the nocturnal excursions, nautical camping and trawling.

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