What is trekking in Sardinia? An invitation to going slow to escape from the busy world and enjoy the magnificent scenery that our land gives.

Lots of activities for all tastes that, in a definition of trekking a little enlarged, have in common the concept of travel, small or large it is: drive with our own forces the route to enjoy every detail at every step, feeling more in tune with the world and with themselves.


Hiking is always considered one of the most effective form of exercise. It is low impact and accessible to almost everyone, but faced with a determined step it can become a good aerobic exercise.

The sports federated CSEN, that that Bellavista Camper Service recommends, proposes many routes, easy or challenging, walking an hour or a whole day and all leaving so closed to the camper. You can admire a splendid landscape which embraces the whole Porto Corallo area until Colostrai. Or you can visit places where various species of birds live or where there are remains of nuraghe. One of the most beautiful trail is surely the one that leads to the Quirra Castle, in the beautiful Cala Murtas area. It is a trail of historical and natural importance.

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